Registrac LLC is an emerging web design & development firm based in Miami, FL. Our job is to help companies establish a strong digital presence by providing the best technologies for their technological infrastructure. We build websites from the ground up, integrate them to your existing databases, and create tailored solutions that adapt to each business necesity. We work with Open Source technologies, and Ultra Fast web hosting to provide our customers the best experience.

What can we help you with?

Web Design

Need help designing your website? We are here to help. From simple informative, to complete CMS solutions, we are here to get you up and running in no time!

Web Development

Sometimes you need something done, but cannot find the right solution. At Registrac, we can build tailored web applications to help you solve your problems. 

Custom Integrations

From website integrations, wo web application SSO, we can help you integrate almost anything on the web. Contact us and let us know how can we help!

Ultra Fast Hosting

We work with cost effective 3rd Party providers to ensure our solutions run in the fastest environments. Need to speed up your current web environment? We got you!

Secure Infrastructure

Secure by default should be the overall standard of every Tech Company. And it is for us. At Registrac, we value security and every step we take forward comes with security in mind. From free security certificates to paid ones, we got you convered.